The 3D Page Turn Geometry Research Model
Download and run ‘3D Pageturn Geometry Model.exe’ (Zip File)

This model is built in 32 bit assembly language and runs on any Windows PC.
    This research model was developed to give a dynamic visual representation of the geometry of a 3D turning page and its control-points as described in the page turn algorithm above.

Use this model to view page turns at any orientation and adjust for roll, pitch and yaw as well as zooming in and out. The control-points cage showing the page turn arc and points can be toggled on and off. See how fluid the page turn is and how completely realistic and flowing it is at any viewing orientation and scale. To see a page turn in slow motion adjust the page turn time in the control menu.
    This graphical page-turn sequence is based on the ‘elapsed time’ method where the operating system display refresh loop initiates the drawing of each page frame in real time based on a 64 bit measurement of elapsed time since the beginning of the page-turn sequence.    
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