Existing 2D Publication Technologies
Download and run ‘Standard Publication Model.exe’ (Zip File)

This model is built in 32 bit assembly language and runs on any Windows PC.
    The Virtual Publishing Company currently has a 2D publication model for Windows in the market and has produced thousands of publications and brochures in this format. This technology already has the most realistic and advanced graphical page turn in use today for presenting publications in 2D on screen. It also has its own internal typesetter for outputting sharp scalable text with a precision 8 times higher than Windows.    
    The 2D publication comes in 3 versions, a stand-alone exe file format, an ActiveX browser viewer and an installable publication reader that opens encrypted publication content files.    
• Scalable to Any Size and Screen Resolution
• Realistic, Sharp and Fluid Page Turn
• Internal Font Rendering and Smoothing
• Rich Text Formatting
• 12 Foreign Language Character sets
• Written in 32 bit Assembly Language
• Duplicates Any Print Layout

The Virtual Publishing Company has developed a number of associated technologies and tools linked to its publication models. These include:

Page Markup Language and Interpreter

Stand-Alone Publication Compilers for exe and Encrypted Publication files.

Publication Reader for Encrypted Content Files

Online Browser Publication Reader for Internet Explorer

Editing Files Viewer
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